Catalog textures for 3d max


For designers who require conventional (or suture) and seamless textures with high resolution, our catalog presents a variety of collections of 3d models. To create graphics in 3d max or Adobe Photoshop, they are great. To create high-quality seamless textures, you need certain skills, time and base.

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We have a fairly extensive base of conventional (or suture), as well as seamless textures. The catalog page contains the main sections. Materials in some of them are divided into even more narrowly focused groups - classification by type of image. Here you can download seamless textures with high resolution for free.

In the catalog you will find textures that are suitable for creating:

  • fragments of the game;
  • background for sites;
  • design images and photographs.

Here you will find seamless textures with images of natural elements, building materials and objects; abstract and with monetary units; with aged elements; with road and building schemes and much more. The catalog is constantly updated, textures from different sources are added.