Catalog 3d models


On our site you can download a completely free 3d model, and for this you do not need to waste time - choose and download.

Here you will find 3d models of people, animals, characters, plants, cars, buildings, weapons, furniture, clothing, shoes, food and more. All that you may need, we have. To make it easier to browse the catalog of models, we created a rubricator and sorted the contents into categories, and if you already know exactly which 3d model you need, use the search.

We understand how precious your time is to you, and do not want you to spend it on downloading 3d-models, which later may not be suitable for any parameters. That is why each model on our site has a preview, a grid and a detailed technical specification (the version of the 3d editor, renderer, geometry are indicated).

If you are engaged in 3d-modeling and are ready to present your work to the world, upload a 3d-model here and leave a link to your resource so that you can learn about you. The mission of our site is to create and share. Share your ideas, experiences and models. At 3dmodels, you can not only use the fruits of other people's work, but also show like-minded people that you know how.